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System Configuration Error

We're sorry but the End User Web Interface has not been properly configured, and therefore cannot be properly displayed. 

  • Error: The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context. There was an error reading the SYSTEM_PARAMETERS table.  Please confirm that your System ODBC DSN connection references a TEL_DATA database.
  • Please refer to the Online Help, under the Web Interface section, for instructions on configuring this application.

    End User Web Interface Configuration Checklist

    1. Load WEB.TLM Module into the Telephony Management Console (and note Module Name and Talking SIP Node under which it was loaded for later reference in Step 5. below).

    2. Ensure you have created an application within Internet Information Server 4.0 or higher, for the folder in which the End User Web Interface has been installed.

    3. Ensure you have properly set the File Permissions for the folders of the End User Web Interface.

    4. Create a System ODBC DSN Connection to the TEL_DATA Database (and note the System DSN Name, User Id/Login ID and Password for later reference in Step 5. below).

    5. Edit the GLOBAL.ASA file that is installed in the folder where the End User Web Interface was installed and ensure you have set the following session variables at a minimum:
      - Session("SwitchDSN") References ODBC System DSN, User Id/Login Id and Password from Step 4. above.
      - Session("Node") References the Talking SIP Node under which the WEB.TLM was loaded under in Step 1. above.
      - Session("Module_Name") References module name from Step 1. above.

    6. Ensure you have assigned values to the WEB_ONLINE_ACCOUNT_GROUP and WEB_ONLINE_CLASS_OF_SERVICE module settings if you are turning on self service subscription via module setting WEB_ONLINE_PURCHASE.

    Note: Please remember that any changes you make in the above configuration steps will require you to exit your web browser and restart it for the changes to take affect.